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People opt for hair extensions for a variety of different reasons, at Deep Hair Crew we understand all of them. 

Whether you are in the market for extra length or added body we are capable of fulfilling those desires. 

We offer 100% human hair

Clip-In Weft Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions are not permanent and are placed in and out of the head at your convenience.
Perfect for those people wanting volume, body and/or length for those special occasions or that night on the town.
Lines are sold per length including clips.
 They are perfectly coloured to match your hair

1 Line $125.00
2 Lines $250.00
3 Lines $350.00 
4 Lines $450.00

Weaved Hair Extensions

Weaved Hair Extensions are semi-permanent.  They last approximately 6-8weeks and after such time need to be re-adjusted.   
This is an inexpensive way to have natural looking hair extensions.
Lines are sold per length, they do not include sewing.

1 Line $115.00
2 Lines $230.00
3 Lines $320.00
4 Lines $400.00

Sewing $30.00 per line

Permanent Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are glued directly to your existing hair.  This method gives a completely natural look, that lasts approximately 4-6months.
Permanent Hair Extensions can be costly as the hair cannot be reused and as such will need to be purchased every 4-6months.

1/4 head (perfect for filling in gaps in natural hair)........from $60.00
1/2 head (for people wanting x-body)..........from $300.00
Full Head (for people wanting x-body & length).........from $550.00

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